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Redmond Endodontists Dr. Derrick Wang & Dr. Emily Wang

Let’s face it: no one wants to undergo a root canal. At certain times, though, we need to make sure that we retain our natural teeth. In these moments, you can trust your care to endodontists, or specialists who do nothing else but perform root canal therapies and related surgeries – all day, every day.

At Endodontics and Microsurgery Center, we draw from years of previous expertise, special techniques and world-class technology to assist you with your endodontic needs. As a brother-and-sister team, we focus on education and seek to create a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Having developed a strong partnership with many Redmond and surrounding area dentists, we come alongside to help after your dentist has referred you to our practice.

Our state-of-the-art paperless specialty practice utilizes technology like Carl Zeiss® microscopes, electronic apex locators and Kodak® digital x-rays, which offer us:

  • Brighter Illumination
  • Higher Magnification
  • Better Communication 

Serving Redmond, WA & Surrounding Areas

The Digital Office® software allows us to send and receive large-file images with tremendous speed. That means you can visit us, leave our office and soon contact your general dentist to discuss the best potential treatment options. In addition, our paperless office gives you the opportunity to complete your registration information online.

If you live in the Redmond and surrounding areas and need a root canal, there is no better option than Endodontics and Microsurgery Center.

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